My New Year’s resolutions for 2021

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A year ago I wrote two articles on Medium about my 2019 and my 2020 resolutions. After just 1 year a lot of things changed, the coronavirus altered our lives and now we are used to living with a face mask and to avoid crowded places (at least most of us are used to).

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In this Medium post, I want to briefly describe my 2020 and to explain my goals for 2021.

To describe my 2020 I want to start from the post I wrote 1 year ago where I listed my goals for the new year, today I want to read them and I want to understand how many of them I managed to complete. To do this I’ll make a list of the 2020 goals explaining what of them I completed and what I was not able to complete. (To be honest, I already made this reason in my podcast, it is in Italian and it is available here).

  • Start a new podcast ❌: I did not start a new podcast during 2020 but I’m happy with this because if I had started a new podcast I would not have time to improve the podcast that I already produce with my friends.
    This year we improved our knowledge in term of podcasting and we started a new format, we had a lot of guest in our podcast and each of these interviews was insightful and interesting to us.
  • Learn Flutter : I have been working for Tocket since March 2020 mainly as a Mobile Developer and I use Flutter. I like this Framework for its simplicity I used it to develop an MVP and I’m now I’m about to start the development of another application.
  • Learn Kotlin ❌: I didn’t learn Kotlin during 2020 because I concentrated on Flutter.
  • Do a trip ❌: Thank you Covid-19
  • Give a Talk ✅: Yes, finally in 2020 I gave a talk or rather, to be precise two talks. Unfortunately, both of them were online talks due to the pandemic but I’m proud of them. I would say thanks to my friends Alessandro and Eugenio that gave these two talk with me. You can find them online on YouTube, both of them are in Italian (Link 1 and Link 2)
  • Read more books ✅: Well, I read some books in 2020 but less than I would have liked, anyway I mark as completed this goal because I’m happy for what I did.
  • Write more posts ✅: I wrote several Medium posts during 2019 and I’m quite satisfied with this.

There are some other things that are worth to mention:

  • In 2020 I went back to Italy after 5 months spent in Germany thanks to the Erasmus Program. I was lucky because I went back just a few days before the start of the Italian lockdown (It was just a coincidence)
  • In 2020 I made a couple of contributions to an open-source project. This was my first contact with the open-source.
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  • In 2020 I met a special person and I would like to say thanks to her because she made my 2020 a better year than my prediction.

Now it’s time to talk about 2021…

This year I decided to store my goals also in Todoist, in particular, I was inspired by this article and I used this template to write down my goals.

These are my new year’s resolutions for 2021:

  • Improve my knowledge: During 2021 I don’t want to learn a new language or a new framework, I believe that is better for me to stop a bit and to improve the knowledge that I already have in some fields.
    I would like to improve my skills with Flutter because I use it for work and also in my free time.
    I also want to improve my Python knowledge because I use it for Machine Learning, Data Science and API development but I think that I never learned it in depth.
  • Improve my English: During the last 12 months I worked a lot to improve my English but I am aware of the fact that I still have to learn a lot.
  • Graduate and find a job: I hope that in 2021 I will be able to finish my Master in Computer Science then I would like to find a job that makes me proud of it.
  • Read at least 1 book per month: this year I want to set a goal for the amount of book that I have to read. I will use Goodreads to track my progress.
  • Write at least 1 article per month: this is important for two reasons.
    I usually write articles in English so it would be a good opportunity to improve my English.
    I usually write articles about problems that I faced so I think that they could be useful for people that face the same problems.
  • Take time for me: during the past years, I fully dedicated myself to the university. I realised that I have to take more time for myself and my family.
    In particular, I want to make more exercises and to walk more in 2021 to stay healthy.
    This is an important goal for me and I hope I will be able to achieve this goal.
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I would like to end this post with a big thank you to all the people who have been with me in 2020 and whom I hope to have with me in 2021.
Stay safe and well and Happy 2021 🎆.

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